• The exact cost of your wedding cake depends on the following:
Part of picking the right size of cake comes down to having the right number of servings, but other factors can come into play, including the number of tiers desired,  a cake design that requires extra space between each tier to add decorations and the height of each. The height of a cake can be influenced by the number of cake layers used, the height of the cake layers and the amount of buttercream between each layer  



Cakes are priced by serving size (the number of people you would like the cake to feed). This factor is a key  factor in determining the amount of cake you will need to ensure you have enough cake for your guests. Pricing will vary based on flavor, filling, servings  & design of the cake. The more complicated the cake, the more it will cost (buttercream icing is typically less expensive than fondant icing). Elaborate shapes and detailing will also raise the price.

To determine how many tiers  you will need for a big event or wedding, I highly recommend reviewing a cake portion guide, which shows you  the number of servings of different sized tiered cakes.
The cake portion guide below will help you see what options you have for however many people you need to feed. 
A single-tiered cake has set number of servings. However, this can vary based on the shape of the cake. For example, a square 8 inch, 2-layer cake will have more servings than a round 8 inch cake. If you need to feed a large number of people, a tiered cake would be the best option.

Tiered cakes give more flexibility in their number of servings. However, the height of each tier will also have an impact on the serving size. Tall cakes (3 or more layers per tier) can make cutting and serving the cake a lot more challenging. The height of a cake can be influenced by many factors, including the number of cake layers, the height of the layers, and the amount of icing between each layer.

Please keep in mind there are many different options for tiered cakes that aren’t included here. Since different sized tiers vary in serving size, you can combine them in a ton of ways, so don’t feel limited by the serving guide chart. These are simply the most common sized tiered cakes.

Round and square cakes are by far the most common cake shapes. With that in mind, these shapes in the shapes used for the chart below. It includes the number of servings, based on the cake layers and diameter:

 These are simply the most common sized tiered cakes.