Regular and mini vanilla bittercream and brown sugar spice cupcakes

There have been numerous dessert trends this year ranging from naked cakes to "mash-up desserts. But one of the hottest dessert crazes trending in 2017 are “Mini Desserts”. Mini cakes and other bite-size desserts are making a big splash in the food world. In case you hadn’t heard, we love all things mini. Give us tiny versions of almost anything and we’re happy as a kid in a candy store.

Mini desserts have become popular for several reasons. One reason, mini desserts are perfect for parties. They’re convenient as well. It’s hard to walk around and mingle at a party with a big hunk of cake or mountainous slice of pie. At times a big cake may not be practical. It’s labor-intensive, requiring someone to be appointed as designated cake cutter and server, not to mention the extra forks and plates to clean up. Restaurants are following suit, too. Even restaurants that serve traditional sized portions are having success with bite-size desserts, and in many cases the miniature versions typically outselling their full-sized counterparts.

Another reason for the mini dessert craze is that many people see mini desserts as a way not just to save calories, but also as way to enjoy a greater variety of flavors and desserts. They’re easy to share, and a couple or group dining together can enjoy more variety instead of filling up on one thing. Sampling an assortment of mini desserts not only looks more sophisticated and elegant but lets others know that you are all about smart indulgence.

Lastly, mini desserts provide a quick and easy solution at the end of a meal when you are debating between two regular-sized desserts. Can’t decide which one to get? Both you and a friend can opt for several mini desserts and sample the different options. Mini dessert treats are also idea for consuming on the go, which comes in handy when you’re commuting to and from work. So, the next time you’re torn between two desserts or counting calories, think “mini”. Your taste buds will thank you.

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