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Custom Cakes w/3D decorations

3D decorations elevate the wow factor of any cake design. Decorations can be edible or non-edible and can range in size and complexity. Cake price will vary depending on cake design, number of decorations/characters & complexity of cake and/or character design.


When placing your 3D sculpted cake order, be sure to order enough for everybody to enjoy. Sculpted cake sizes are much different than your traditional sheet cake.  Traditionally, many sculpted cakes are sized for up to roughly ten people.

Custom Cakes w/3D decorations

  • Cakes are priced by cake size and the number of people you would like the cake to feed. Pricing will vary based on flavor, filling, servings & design of the cake.  For example - if you would like a cake to feed 12 guests. you would need a cake that serves at least 12/15 to ensure each guest has a delicious piece of cake.

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