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Drip Cake

A drip cake is quite simply, any cake that has drips of  ( usuallychocolate or caramel) dripping down the sides of the cake. Drips can come in a variety of colors but are usually chocolate and topped with various edible items including, fuit, cookies, candy and other sweets. Drip cakes start at $6.25 a serving with 6/8 servings minimum.


Cake price will vary depending on decorations/design,toppings, drip type and color number of decorations/characters & complexity of cake design. Metallic drip is additional charge.

Drip Cake

  • Cakes are priced by serving size (the number of people you would like the cake to feed) and will vary based on flavor, filling, servings  & design of the cake.  For example - if you would like a cake to feed 12 guests. you would need a cake that serves at least 12/15  to ensure each guest has a delicious piece of cake.

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