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Quilted Design


Quilting adds a bit of elegance to any cake design. Whether used as the star of the design or in combination with other design styles. Add an addtional touch of pizzazz with colorful sugar beads or pearls.


Quilted design starts at $6.25 a serving with 8/10 serings mininmum. Cake price will vary depending on cake design, number of decorations/characters & complexity of cake and/or quilt design and bead choice.

Quilted Design

  • Cakes are priced by serving size (the number of people you would like the cake to feed) and will vary based on flavor, filling, servings  & design of the cake.  For example - if you would like a cake to feed 12 guests. you would need a cake that serves at least 12/15  to ensure each guest has a delicious piece of cake.

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